Blossom Where You Are Planted: A conference for grandparents raising their grandchildren

The Grandparent System Support Program is proud to announce the upcoming 2nd Annual “Blossom Where You Are Planted” conference. This event will take place at 750 Essa Rd., Barrie, ON on October 26th, 2018.

The Grandparent System Support Program was created in Simcoe County as a result of the growing number of Grandparents raising their grandchildren in our communities. In response to this need, Simcoe Community Services is offering a conference for Grandparents raising their Grandchildren and professionals supporting these families.

Use the hashtag #BlossomWhereYourePlanted to connect and interact with conference members/visitors throughout the event on your preferred social network.

Conference Schedule
Morning Key Note with Eva de Gosztonyi

Understanding and Intervening Effectively with Children who Experience Challenging Behaviour

When children face disruptions in their attachment world, life becomes difficult for everyone. Children and adults alike experience alarm and frustration and these emotions result in challenging behaviours. This presentation will help those living and working with these children to understand how the brain works when it is dealing with a separation difficult to bear. We will then explore ways to intervene that respect the child’s emotional and developmental needs. The ultimate goal is to create the conditions that allow the child to develop to his/her full potential while keeping everyone safe.

Afternoon Key Notes

Eva de Gosztonyi Profile PicA) Understanding and Intervening Effectively with Children who Experience Challenging Behaviour in Schools, at Home and Child Care Settings, Eva de Gosztonyi

Using the framework presented in the morning session, this session will focus on helping those who work with children in schools or Child Care to apply the concepts in that setting. Schools/Child Cares often focus on managing symptoms but when the role of emotion is ignored, the symptoms tend to return. After 40 years of experience, it has become apparent that some of our “tried and true” interventions are not only ineffective, but they can, at times, make things worse, especially for children experiencing significant separation. Neuroscience and trauma research can help us to understand why practices may need to change. Alternate interventions will be proposed that have been implemented with success in schools in Quebec and Alberta.

Child Advocacy Centre Simcoe/MuskokaB) Child Advocacy Centre: CAC will present on the topic of Human Trafficking, the grooming process and online Safety, Ashley LeClair:

Ashley LeClair is the Youth & Human Trafficking Advocate with the Child Advocacy Centre of Simcoe Muskoka. As part of a multi-disciplinary team Ashley works closely with community partners, such as police and child protection, to improve the community’s response to child abuse and exploitation and minimize trauma to children, youth and their families.  Many survivors of sexual abuse and their families do not recognize the grooming process as it is happening, nor do they recognize that this process of manipulation is part of the overall abuse process. Ashley’s presentation will include an in-depth explanation of the grooming process, warning signs to consider and what to do if you suspect child abuse or exploitation. Following the presentation, Ashley hopes you will feel more confident in keeping young people safe.

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