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Principles and Values:

We believe…

Respect and Dignity
That every person is deserving of respect and dignity as an individual, always being sensitive to their unique needs and perspectives, protecting their confidentiality and supporting them based on their strengths.

Person-Centred Excellence
In working with each individual supported, their families and natural networks on a lifelong basis, ensuring they are informed and are, prepared and able to respond to the changing needs, opportunities and responsibilities within their lives.

Quality of Life
In a quality of life for each individual supported that provides for basic needs, community supports and safety; fosters good health; and provides the freedom and entitlement to choose, to take risks and to access information.

Inclusive Communities
In building inclusive communities that are accepting of all their members and give each member a voice.

Staff and Volunteers
In an organizational culture that continually values and recognizes the contributions of staff and volunteers; foster strong team approaches; and is open, honest and inviting in its communication practices.

Culture of Innovation and Learning
In the importance of innovation and continuous learning as a basis to enhance the opportunities for the people supported, and to inspire staff and volunteers through best practice, continuous improvement and evaluation.

Collaboration and Partnerships
In working collaboratively with stakeholders, community partners and across service areas to deliver supports and services that meet the changing needs of individuals and families supported.

In being accountable for the quality of the services provided, the decisions made, the effective use of the resources available and being ethical in all that we do.

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