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Personal Outcome Measures

Simcoe Community Services (SCS) is dedicated to providing quality supports and services.  The agency uses the Council on Quality and Leadership’s (CQL) Personal Outcome Measures tool to help define quality and to set the benchmark as to how supports and services are to be offered.  The agency has been working with Personal Outcome Measures (POM) since 2002 and over the years POM has become the foundation of all planning, supports and services.  It is an expectation that the agency supports people and their families through Personal Outcome Measures.  This approach ensures that people and families define their personal quality of life and that the supports provided correspond.   There are three set s of outcomes - outcomes for families with young children (birth to age 6); outcomes for children and youth (children ages 7 to 18); outcomes for adults (18 years of age and older).

In November 2007, Simcoe Community Services was awarded a 4 year accreditation through CQL through the implementation of “Quality Measures 2005”.  This process validated the agency’s progress in the implementation of the Basic Assurances, Shared Values, Responsive Services, Community Life and most importantly the Personal Outcome Measures.

The new re-accreditation process SCS entered into in November 2011 is driven by “Person Centered Excellence” which focuses on “What Really Matters to People”.  Personal Outcome Measures continue to be the foundation of this work. 

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