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Family Home Program

The Family Home Program provides an accommodation option for children and adults with developmental and possibly physical disabilities who for a variety of reasons cannot or choose not to live with their families in the community. 

The family home program is designed to enable the individual to live as an integral part of an alternative family setting. Wherever possible, the individual’s relationship with his/her natural family is encouraged and supported and regular visitation takes place. 

For children, a Plan of Care is designed and reviewed on a regular basis in order to assist each individual to make choices and develop according to his/her abilities.  Children are supported to attend their neighbourhood schools.  In the case of an adult, an Individual Support Plan is developed with the person and those important in his/her life.  Adults are supported to participate in employment/volunteer/day program options according to their choosing.  All placements are monitored and supervised by a social worker to ensure that the needs of the individual are being met. The family home provider receives ongoing training, support meetings with other home providers and access to relief. 

The children's Family Home Program is licensed under the Child and Family Services Act.  The adult's Family Home Program is governed by the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.

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